Benefits of Aquaponics

Why Aquaponics?

The benefits of aquaponics are great because they are environmentally friendly. This simple aquaponics setup recycles water and nutrients, and uses 90% less water than ground crops!  Some parts of the United States have surpassed their ability to hydrate the present population. Farming accounts for 75-80% of fresh water usage in the world.  Current irrigation techniques waste precious water and the runoff pollutes streams and rivers with leached soil and fertilizers.  This is great on your water bill and just keeping the environment in mind.


Easy Aquaponics

Building an easy aquaponics system involves a combination of raising fish and growing plants with a hydroponic systems.  The plants feed on the hydroponic nutrients, which come from the fish waste.  The plants purify  the fish water as they consume the nutrients through a natural process called, “Aquaponic Nitrogen Cycle.”  This allows for an ecosystem where both fish and plants can grow naturally in optimum conditions.  One of the aquaponic secrets is that this cycle allows fish farmers to dispose of fish waste, while feeding their plants with the nutrient rich water.


Aquaponics Siphon

What is an aquaponics siphon?

An aquaponics siphon is an automatic siphon that starts and stops itself because of the changing of water levels. You want water levels to rise so the nutrients can reach the roots of your crops, however, you need it to drain also or else you can get root rot. There are two current types of aquaponics siphons used: a Looped Autosiphon, and a Bell Autosiphon. .


Aquaponic System Setup

It is called aquaponic and it is the easiest way to have fresh food on your table.

Aquaponics is a system which involves growing fish in normal tanks and using their water, filled with bio-nutrients in a system similar with that promoted by hydroponics. The best thing about aquaponics is that you will not have to take care of the plants, as the fish will offer them enough food to grow and develop properly.

You will just have to take care of your fish, which will also take less time as you will only have to monitor the water and feed them. There is no need to change or clean the water as this is something which your plants will do.


Aquaponics How To: Decoration With Aquaponics

Today in our aquaponics how to, we are going to talk about using aquaponics for decoration. It has been proved that plants have a positive effect on people. Apart from oxygenizing the room in which they are placed, they also have a beneficial effect on people’s mood. This is the reason which more and more people choose to decorate their apartment with natural plants. Yet, what if you can have more benefits from the plants inside your house?

Aquaponics How To: Growing Your Own Organic Veggies & Saving Money In The Process

Aquaponics offers you the possibility to grow your own organic vegetables in your home and at the same time use them for decoration. This way you not only will enjoy the beauty of green plants inside your home, but you will also save some money and enjoy the taste of your freshly harvested crops. In addition to that, you will say goodbye to the ground, which in some cases brought parasites in your house.


Backyard Aquaponics System

With the many scam business plans and systems promising you to solve all you problems with minimum effort and investment, putting your hopes into another, completely new activity seems unfeasible. Some people are less willing to try new things for fear of not getting scammed.

However, this new backyard aquaponics system is as simple and profitable as it seems! Once you have tried this type of farming you would never want to go to the market again!

Here are some of the reasons for which you should start your mini backyard aquaponics farm:


Aquaponics: Secrets Of Seed Planting

Planting the seeds in your aquaponics garden is much easier than putting them in the ground. You just have to put them on a netting pot and … this is it! Then you just have to wait for them to start vegetating and grow. However, there is one little aspect you must know before placing the seeds and that is – the ideal moment when the seeds should be planted.

Many people purchase the fish, place them in the tank and in the same day they also place the seeds in the pots. This is by far the worst way of approaching aquaponics as the seeds, even though will grow and develop up to a certain point, they will die in a matter of days after they finish their own supplies if there are no nutrients in the water on which they can feed.


Aquaponic Problems

Knowing what aquaponic problems that can occur can help you prevent them.  There are a few things that can go wrong with an aquaponics system that you can prevent.  First, it is necessary to identify the problem and find a suitable solution. Depending on the type of problem encountered, there are sure to be different solutions available. Some problems are quite simple to fix while others can be more complex.


Aquaponic Plants You Can Grow

Aquaponic Plants are one of the most important factors in an aquaponics system. Without aquaponic plants the system cannot function properly. Early on in the research of recirculating aquaculture systems, experiments were done to determine the efficiency of aquatic plants in consuming the nutrients in aquaculture water, therefore helping to purify the water for the fish in the system. As research continued, terrestrial plants were tested and proven to be an effective means of water purification for aquaculture and this nutrient rich water a nearly ideal hydroponic solution for growing plants. Lettuce, chives and other leafy crops were first considered for aquaponics but, more recently, commercial growers and researchers have had great success with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, melons, flowers and many other crops.


Aquaponics Fish

Fish are an important part in making this process work . Another aquaponic secret is that the plants you choose to grow require nitrogen, and that’s great because the fish provide this with elimination of both urine and feces. No matter what system you decide to build, these nitrates must be cleaned from the water or the aquaponics fish will die. An aquaponics fish tank requires filtering systems that must be either cleaned or replaced on a regular schedule. The grow beds of the aquaponics system act as this filter without the hassle of cleaning the fish tank making this another reason why we call it easy aquaponics. Plants and fish must be present in this system for The Nitrogen Cycle to take place.